Spanish omelette

We had a lovely slow cooker roast chicken today for tea. It was a Saturday roast because we are out for tea tomorrow. I’m using up the leftover chicken for chicken and sweetcorn egg fried rice on Monday, but we also had a few veg and potatoes left, even after we’d had seconds and picked at them whilst washing up! We are out all day tomorrow, and I didn’t want to either waste them or end up just picking at them, so needed to turn them into something delicious. We had a load of eggs in so cue Spanish omelette time! I’ve never actually made one with leftovers before but it worked a treat. Here is the basic recipe/ method, based on one from nigella express, although I didn’t actually look it up in the book so don’t know any real measurements.

6 eggs
1 onion (missed this out today as a) forgot and b) because of the amount of soup we’ve made recently I haven’t got any left anyway!)
Some leftover potato (not mashed, but I reckon any others would work. If doing it from scratch I reckon you’d want about 2 medium potatoes. If using leftovers, just look at a frying pan and thin what seems sensible. In place of this today I used a mix of roast potatoes and boiled veg. The amount was perfect. It half filled my jug so volume wise I reckon you want a litre worth of filling. In the past I have used a tin of potatoes, because it’s dead cheap and saves. You pre-cooking potatoes if you don’t have leftovers)
A handful of grated cheese
Some seasoning

Combine all of the ingredients in a jug. I put the filling in, then crack the eggs in, and then mix it a bit with a fork
Heat some oil in a frying pan, you need more than you might usually have as you have to stop it sticking and you can’t stir it once it’s in
Pour the omelette mixture into the pan. Use a thin spatula, slotted spoon or generally something flat to push the omelette away from the sides, but no stirring.
Cook on hob until almost set (about 10 mins). When ready it will just be the very top that is not set, but equally the bottom shouldn’t be burnt!
If you don’t have a pan with an oven proof handle (I don’t) wrap the frying an handle in foil
Heat the grill and put the omelette in until set. I don’t like the pan handle wrapped in foil to be directly under the heat, so have it poking out the door. So not really suitable when children are around! When the top is set, if you push the omelette it should feel pretty firm and cooked through, which means it’s ready.

I lived in Spain for a while, and have taught Spanish people, so consider myself to be somewhat of an expert. Ahem. So I will share the benefit of my wisdom. In my experience, Spanish people often have this in the house, to offer to guests or complete a meal. They don’t put cheese in it. That’s nigella’s addition but I like it. Every Spanish teenager I ever taught claimed their mum made the best Spanish omelette. They also universally hated the food we served them here, but that’s another story… Where I lived (a place in the Basque Country called oñati) we used to go out occasionally. It was a very cheap night out, as they have no equivalent for the weights and measures laws (that I know of) so a glass of wine is not measured, and it only cost 40 cents a glass. Before consuming lots of wine (or after, or in the middle of) we often went to a particular bar for food. It cost just over 2€ for your meal, which was a baguette with some form of omelette in it. Carb central (I put on a lot of weight whilst living in Spain), but utterly delicious.
Which leads on to my final point about omelettes. They are very nice when first made, and indeed I have just tried and enjoyed the one I made tonight, but they should really only be eaten later and cold. So ours will somehow be turned into picnic food for tomorrow. Spanish omelette sandwich anyone…

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