Restaurant review: wagamama

So wagamama have opened up a branch in the Westfield in derby… It opened last Wednesday but I was vaguely concerned it might be busy s we waited a week before going… Good job as it was still packed a week later, and we overheard the waiter saying there’d been queues out the door until 9pm the first 5/6 days. So it’s a popular addition! I’ve had a soft spot for wagamama since we had a lovely meal there in Edinburgh at the end of a fun trip to Scotland to a cousin’s wedding. So I was pleased they’d opened one. There’s been one in Nottingham for ages, but when we are there obviously we eat in Tamatanga.

Anyway, I like wagamama, but I probably won’t be going back very often. Mainly. Just think it’s very expensive for what it is. They don’t have any type of lunch deal and mains were around £10 which I consider a lot for lunch. I kind of like the whole canteen style dining thing, although it can be a bit impractical. But it’s the way tables are in traditional Belgian bistros too, so it obviously works elsewhere. I don’t really like the whole ‘bring it out when it’s ready’ thing. I think it’s trendy and lazy. There’s no good reason why they can’t try to bring our food out together. On this occasion they forgot Chris’s so I ate most of mine by myself, not good!

The food is always very good though. We shared edaname beans to start, with garlic and chilli salt. These were delicious. Then I had ginger chicken udon. It was a huge portion and very tasty, I can never get that much deep flavour into my stir fries. I like being made to eat it with chopsticks too because you eat so much more slowly and really appreciate what you’re eating. For pudding we shared some orange and date half moon pancakes. These were absolutely delicious and very seasonal, and we are going to try recreating the filling at home as we loved it. I just drank water and then a green tea when Chris pointed out it was free.

On the whole I really like it here, just think it’s expensive compared to similar places, but I guess that’s because it is so ‘cool’ and popular still.

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