Speedy gnocchi roast potatoes

I am a big nigella fan (although just been reading her latest offering, nigellissima, which has left me feeling pretty underwhelmed due to its reliance on a massive range of ingredients I can’t source and liqueurs I can’t afford!). Anyway, despite being a huge fan and making tons of her recipes, this is my absolute favourite recipe of hers. I think she mainly advocates frying these, but suggests the oven method too. We pretty much always oven these as it’s easier and (slightly!) healthier! They are just like really delicious roast potatoes, so accompany anything you could have potatoes with. Most recently we ate them with a steak.

Gnocchi (an appropriate portion each, and be careful when buying the little chilled bags. It looks small, tempting you to share it across two, but there is enough for 4 people in there! They are very dense)
Spray oil (or olive oil if you don’t mind the extra fat!)
Herbs of some sort (we used fresh rosemary last time but use whatever goes best with your meal)

Toss the gnocchi in the oil herbs and seasoning (if using spray oil it is probably easier to do this when they are spread out on the tray)
Spread out on a baking tray
Cook in oven for 20-30 minutes or until browned (my oven is on at 200 in general. But just put them on at whatever temperature your oven is for whatever you’re having them with)

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