Apple and oat muffins

Another river cottage baby and toddler classic! I love this book, I really need to find it again! These are very healthy but delicious muffins, good for a healthy, tasty snack. Only take 5 mins to prepare and they’re good for when you have apples to use up!

100 g plain flour
100g wholemeal flour (you could vary the flour ratio to suit you, but this makes it wholemeal, but not too much. I imagine you could include bran too if you wanted…)
50g porridge oats (I think in the past I’ve used more or less oats to compensate for missing flour/oats!)
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 apples, grated (grating them is probably the most time consuming aspect of this recipe!)
125 ml yoghurt
1 egg
50 ml oil
50g sugar (don’t forget this… I have in the past and they definitely need it!!!)
75g sultanas

Mix the dry ingredients and grated apple
Mix wet ingredients and add them
Mix a bit. Remember muffin batter should be lumpy
Put into muffin cases and cook for 25-30 mins at 190

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