Rice pudding

This is one of those things I ought to use the family recipe for… But I don’t know what my mum used to use so got one from the river cottage baby and toddler cookbook (a book I borrowed from the library and loved- but clearly everybody else does too because I’ve never seen it back in stock!) tried panther on this as a baby… She didn’t eat loads of it but I need to keep trying it with her. She would probably like it know as she loves milk! I haven’t cooked it for ages as I used an odd amount of using rice last time (making a nigella recipe for chocolate rice puddings which were quite nice but not as creamy as made in small portions) meaning I need to buy a new bag of pudding rice but still have some left in the old bag. The bag contains a kilo, the pudding uses 100g, so the fact I’ve now got an odd bit of rice is bugging me. That’s right, bugging me enough that I can’t make rice pudding!!! Now I’ve remembered this recipe, I will make it ASAP post-diet!

100g pudding rice
65g sugar (this is why I use this recipe, the sugar is much lower than any other recipe I’ve ever seen)
800ml milk
Vanilla extract

Grease a bowl (I use a Pyrex) and put all ingredients in it. Mix it a bit
Cook for 1 3/4 hours at 150.

It occurs to me that the cooking temperature does not make it an ideal partner for roasts etc. not sure what to do about that! Apparently you can make rice pudding in the slow cooker but im yet to try this. I worry it might be tricky to wash up the bowl. The cookbook suggested you could make a coconut rice pudding using half coconut milk and half water. Tis sounds yummy so I will definitely be trying it

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