Parsnip and ginger soup

This is my original and best soup recipe. It comes from Jamie Oliver and is the recipe on which I base all my other soups if using fresh veg. We are having this for lunch the next couple of days. It is great for autumn/ winter as it is nice and substantial. I don’t really know how many people it serves. I just use the pack size of parsnips that they sell in morrisons at whatever time I’m making it, and use it until it’s gone, although I realise that’s rather unhelpful…

Parsnips (for tomorrow I’ve bought 2 500g bags)
Ginger (make a circle with your thumb and first finger. I normally use that amount and it costs me around 10p)
1-2 onions

Chop the parsnips (I don’t bother peeling them), ginger and onion, and garlic if using
Fry these ingredients for 10 mins. Stir them a bit as the parsnips tend to blacken
Add stock to just above the level of the veg and simmer for 10 mins
Blend and season (as I said before, soups tend to need plenty of seasoning) at this stage you can add more water if it’s too thick but of course there’s not a lot you can do if it’s too thin!

A great soup, but also a great general soup method!

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