Mango chicken

Tis is one of my ultimate favourite recipes!!! It comes from good food magazine, as so many of them do, but I can’t remember the original ingredients. It’s so nice my way I’m not really bothered if I’m not using everything they suggested. I use so few ingredients it makes for a decent store cupboard recipe! A word of warning though, go easy on e curry powder. I overdid it today… It was still nice but a little too hot really. Panther ate it though, although she did declare it burnt her tongue!

1 chicken breast per person
Mango chutney- I use about 1/6 of a jar per person, so you use a fair bit, but it makes the sauce of this ‘curry’
About 1/2 tsp curry powder per person
A tiny bit of oil to make it easier to mix and spread the chutney

Put the chicken on the tray. I always line the tray with foil for this recipe as the sauce is quite sticky and I can’t be bothered to wash up the tray when it’s that dirty!
Mix the other ingredients together into a paste
Spread this paste on top of the chicken. It usually sticks quite nicely and doesn’t slide off because the chutney is quite thick
Bake in the oven for as long as chicken takes. I’m never sure how long that is because I like to be more careful than most recipes suggest. About 25-30 mins for me. But we always cut right through it to check it too

We serve this with Chris’s lovely Indian rice which he is yet to blog, despite me asking a million times. Today we also had broccoli as I try to have plenty of veg, and this made the meal up to 2 veg (there are frozen veg in the rice). We often also have Chris’s flatbread, or weightwatchers naans with it, but due to current diet we have to give these a miss 😦

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