Garlic bread

This is an amazing idea. We never buy garlic bread because of the calorie content, but doing it this way means you use less butter and its delicious! We eat this all the time. Samantha will quite happily eat this. We have made it on baguette sliced various ways, but most often now we use weight watchers petit pains. We have even been known to make it on basic sliced bread, and I reckon you could use the method of frying strips of tortilla like in my Mexican scrambled egg recipe, to make a version of this, although I’m yet to try it…

If using part-baked bread put this in the one and cook it first. It will go back in so don’t go mad but it needs to be fully cooked.
Put a big lump of butter substitute (I use a low-fat version) in a pan and melt. Crush some garlic in. I normally use about 1 clove per person. Add some herbs if you like, depending what matches the meal you’re eating it with
Fry up briefly (1-2 mins)
Spoon the garlicky butter onto whatever bread you’re using
You can grate some cheese or sprinkle some herbs on top at this stage
Put in the oven to toast a bit. I suppose you could grill them, but I never really use the grill!

The original recipe for this came from our friend Roy. He didn’t pre-melt the butter, he just mixed the crushed garlic into butter and spread it onto the bread. If you did it this way you could freeze little portions of garlic butter ready to spread. However it’s hardly taxing so I wouldn’t bother! We make this at least once a week and have often served t to guests who’ve enjoyed it.

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