Cheese and apple on toast

I love this recipe! It came from the river cottage family cookbook (or similar) that I borrowed from the library. Can’t remember the exact title, or the exact quantities used, so think of it as mainly an idea! I love all forms of cheese on toast but this is my absolute favourite, and I’ll happily eat it any time. Although we haven’t actually had it for about a year! We often used to eat it when panther had a 6pm snack, but her eating times have changed now, plus we’ve been on a diet and now can’t just randomly eat cheese on toast!

For 4/5 slices I use…
1 eating apple, which I don’t bother to peel
Some grated cheese. Use a similar amount to what you’d use for cheese on toast. When you mix it. You will see if it’s right when you mix it together. I like it to be slightly more cheesy than appley, but you might think differently

When you have toasted your sliced bread pile this on and put it under the grill. I find it’s more piled up than if you made a normal cheese on toast, because you’ve got an apple in there as well as the normal cheese on toast amount. It’s very important to me to get it as close to the corners as possible, as otherwise they burn and aren’t nice, but it’s relatively tricky as it’s quite thick
Grill (cheese on toast is literally the only thing we ever grill- the grill stresses me right out!)
Yum, yum, yum!

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