Baked turkey meatballs

This is another good food recipe, one we’ve had a few times. I love it because it’s simple and delicious, although it’s just taken Chris hours to make but that’s just his way! I have a few alterations and improvements for next time I try it but it’s a great midweek meal.

Grated onion
Grated carrot
3 cloves garlic
Pack of turkey mince (we used thigh mince for the first time for this, because that’s what coop stocked. It was nice but fattier so will use breast in future. Pack size should be 350-400 g)
Potatoes- we allowed 300g per person which seemed right although we are on a diet so you may want more!
Can of tomatoes
Brocoli- the recipe suggests thin-stemmed which would be lovely, but we just used normal

To cut the veg I normally just blend them in the small bowl for a bit. Chris fried up the onion, which he doesn’t like, which made it less potent, so this is an option too. He missed out the rosemary and garlic, although I think it’s tastier with them in.

Mix the veg and turkey and shape into meatballs. Recipe suggests 16 little ones, which is what I do. Chris made 9 big ones
Put the meatballs into a baking tray. Chris used a Pyrex dish which worked really well
Cut the potato into small cubes, toss with oil, seasoning, and if you like garlic and rosemary. Put into another tray
Put both trays in oven for 20 mins
Toss the potatoes and pour the tomatoes over the meatballs. You could add some grated cheese too.
Cook both for another 20 mins
Cook the broccoli and serve. You could put some fresh basil on top of the meatballs if you wanted

Chris didn’t bother with the flavouring of the potatoes either, he just seasoned them. I like the little cubes and will be making them again.
The main thing about the recipe we wanted to change was that the sauce was a little bland, so I’d probably go to the ‘trouble’ of making a flavoured sauce next time. I’ve made this for Samantha before and she loved it!

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