Frozen fruit ice cream

Just watching Jamie’s money saving meals and have already cooked a recipe from it. He suggests freezing fruit when you’ve got too much which is a fab idea. The only problem is the reasons I waste fruit are both cant be bothered to eat it and can’t be bothered to prepare it. But will be using this tip a lot, especially when we move to the new house which will fit a chest freezer in the cellar! I will also be trying out his tip of freezing the ingredients for a smoothie together in a little bag, even including a few oats, so you can just tip them into the blender with milk. Yum yum!
Anyway, the ice cream. It’s supposed to use fruit you’ve frozen yourself but I had half a pack of bought frozen raspberries left over from a a raspberry bakewell I made so used them. There aren’t really any measurements, just trial and error I guess!

Blend frozen fruit with plain yoghurt (I used two pots of children’s apricot yoghurt as hadn’t got any natural) until smoothish but cold

This is definitely in the permanent collection!

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