Rocky Road

This is a great recipe for making with a young child, because it just involves tipping ingredients in and gentle mixing. Plus they’ll totally love it! Only problem is its not the healthiest so best to make it for other people and not keep it in the house- way too tempting.
Essentially you fill it up with anything you want, but its handy to have the amounts of chocolate and biscuits as a baseline.

200 g dark chocolate (could use milk I imagine but when you add the butter etc its not too bitter at all anyway
135g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
200g digestives (could use another biscuit for part of this if you wanted to- saw Oreos suggested which sounds nice!)
Any other ingredients. I used:
Mini marshmallows
Dried cranberries
White chocolate buttons

Melt the chocolate, syrup and butter in a pan
Crumble e biscuits (we did it by hand then used a rolling pin to crush them further
Pour all the other dry ingredients into the bowl with the biscuits
Pour in the chocolate and mix
Pour into a greased and lined tin. Next time I might try making half the amounts as this would be aut the right amount to fill a 2lb loaf tin. As it is, use a tray bake tin
Put in the fridge for a bit (it seemed ready in about an hour although the recipe said 2-3. Hence some people call it refrigerator cake.)

The original recipe is a user recipe on good food website, here and there are some interesting comments on what people added. You should play around with this, and just use the amounts as a baseline so you know how to make the chocolate the right consistency and approximately the amount of dry ingredients to add.

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