Toffee apple pudding

Tonight Chris cooked the main and I cooked the dessert, using only ingredients we already had! As you may guess, he made a Thai chicken curry with coconut milk, coriander and paste left over from yesterday! I made an apple self- saucing pudding from good food magazine. It was nice, but at nearly 500 calories for a sixth, which wasn’t a huge portion, I will be making a few changes or just baking apples next time!

85g melted butter
140g plain flour (I only had sr)
100g golden castor sugar (this is what I had, but would happily use granulated)
1 tbsp baking powder
200 ml milk
1 beaten egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 apples (recipe says cooking, I used eating)
For the topping
140g dark brown sugar
50g pecans (just for a topping, use whatever nuts and however many!)

Mix the main dry ingredients (not the dark brown sugar)
Mix the wet ingredients, then mix into the dry ones to make a smooth batter
Chop the apples and put in a layer in the bottom of a casserole bowl
Pour on the batter
Mix the dark brown sugar with 250ml boiling water until it dissolves
Pour this mixture over the batter (like with a self-saucing pudding. Don’t worry, it works!)
Put on the plan nuts
Cook for 40 mins at 200

How I will change it next time:
Cook 5-10 mins longer, the bottom was very wet
Halve the amount of dark brown sugar and boiling water. This made it very bad for you, not ne for diabetics, but also there was absolutely tons of sauce!
Add at least one extra apple

Good luck if you try it, it is tasty!

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