Pork and peanut Thai red curry

This recipe is a real keeper. I halved the ingredients suggested by good food magazine, so it served 2. This is best for us as its a relatively expensive meal (£4 worth of pork tenderloin if you do it for 4) so wouldn’t necessarily use it for leftovers. However, a lot of the expense for me was stocking my Thai store cupboard! You don’t need the whole packet of coriander in this so if buying the herbs from the shop would need to combine it with another coriander dish to get your money’s worth!

Ps. About a year later… This is one of our absolute favourite dishes, so much so that I no longer really agree with some of my comments above! I would now use 400g tenderloin to make enough for 4. We like it so much we are totally happy to have it 2 days in a row, and tenderloin is quite often on offer (it was this week). The other change I’ve made, for panther really, is to halve the amount of curry paste. So the ingredients below are now as we use them, aren’t making it for a year 🙂

400g ish pork tenderloin
2 Packets of baby corn
2 tbsp red Thai curry paste
200 ml coconut milk (recipe specifies reduced fat but I don’t agree with this as its just watered down but same price! So I’ve halved the amount of coconut milk and also use milk, as below)
200ml milk (ideally skimmed)
2 tbsp soy sauce
Lime juice (I sometimes miss this out but mainly use from a bottle)
3-4 spring onions (have started missing these out as Chris hates them)
Small bunch of fresh coriander
2 tbsp peanut butter
2 tsp sugar (should be soft dark brown, I just used castor)

Pick leaves from coriander and finely chop stalks (I used scissors to chop these)
Chop spring onions (again I used scissors)
Fry spring onions and coriander stalks in oil for 1 min
Thinly slice pork (again, used scissors!), add to pan and stir fry for 5 mins nail starting to brown
Stir in curry paste and peanut butter
After 30 secs add soy sauce, coconut milk, sugar and 200 ml water
Mix well, put lid on and simmer for 15 mins
Remove lid, turn up heat and add baby corn. Bubble for 3 mins
Add lime juice If using

Apparently at this stage you can freeze it for 2 months. Not sure it’s worth it as its so easy! I served this with boiled jasmine rice, it was quite hot so a basic accompaniment was perfect. One last thing, I think from the comments on the good food website, it’s important to use tenderloin in this, as other cuts of pork would go tough where this is melt in your mouth and delicious!

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