Lemongrass infused fruit salad with coconut biscuits

So this course was definitely my weakest, but I think I’d make it again, it was relatively healthy (but high sugar) and a good light pudding!

Coconut biscuits
I used nigella’s cut out biscuit recipe, already posted. I swapped 50g of the flour for 50g dessicated coconut. Instead of cutting it out I rolled t into little balls so it came out as kind of thick, English macaroon style biscuits. Easy and perfect!

Fruit salad
Can of lychees in syrup
2 cans fruit salad (as exotic as possible)
2 stalks of lemongrass
85g castor sugar

Drain the syrup from the lychees into a pan, and put the lychees into a bowl
Add the sugar t the pan
Chop lemongrass into 2 and bash it a bit (I pressed on it with the end of the rolling pin). Add it to the pan
Gently heat the pan stirring until the sugar dissolves
Turn up the heat and allow to bubble for 1 min
Take the pan off the heat and leave to infuse
To the other 2 cans of fruit into the bowl with the lychees, but don’t include their juice (give it to somebody as a tasty drink )
When you want to eat it, pour the infused syrup over the whole fruit salad and mix
Serve with the coconut biscuits

Again, the original recipe is from good food!

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