Coconut pancakes

We have just finished l one of our cooking competitions. We do a variety of these, which we judge ourselves, as it’s a fun way to try out new recipes and an exciting evening without going out! Here are a few we’ve done before

Store cupboard challenge- cook a meal using only what’s in the house (we are doing this tomorrow actually, Chris is doing main and I’m doing dessert!)
Ready steady cook- 2 cook a main and dessert from a bag of £5 worth of ingredients, plus contents of house. Others watch and then judge. This is great fun and we are horrible to each other!
Master chef challenge- I bought Chris a bag of fancy ingredients (pork belly, fennel etc) he had to make a master chef standard meal. I was meant to reciprocate but got pregnant and couldn’t face it!)
General 3 course challenge. Choose a menu you fancy and buy and cook. That’s what we did this week

So my 3 courses were coconut crepes and asparagus (this recipe), pork and peanut Thai red curry, and lemongrass infused fruit salad with coconut biscuits. I would do all three again. The weakest was the pudding but I needed it to fit the theme, which it did, and also be low calorie. I loved the other two courses. We weren’t able to choose a winner, we both thought our own was the best, so we’ve put the menus on Facebook for our friends to vote on. So far i have 6 votes, Chris has none!
So here is my starter.
Could be part of a main and with changes to the herbs probably a pudding too!

100ml coconut milk
3 eggs, beaten
4 rounded tbsp flour
Seasoning (I forgot this and think it made my crepes less tasty)


Mix the ingredients in a juguntil there are no lumps
When ready to cook, pour 1/4 into a pan, where you have heated some oil. I used my crepe pan
I added some snipped spring onions to the top non-set side
Flip it over and cook bottom
Put on plate covered in cling film and keep warm
Makes 4 crepes

The Thai serving suggestion was to wrap crepes around asparagus and include a chopped boiled egg. I didn’t include the boiled egg. Serve with sweet chilli sauce
388 calories including half a boiled egg and sweet chilli sauce per person. Original recipe is from good food magazine.

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