Restaurant review- Graze, Belper

We don’t eat out loads and loads but we do love to go out for meals, and last week we went out to belper’s newest restaurant. I was a bit apprehensive as the building has changed hands loads of times and I most remember it as a club! Not that I ever went! But Chris had heard some great reviews from colleagues, and when he told me it was actually a restaurant in the centre of derby that had branched out I felt a bit more confident (not that this would be what I generally looked for, but this building has been used by some seriously dodgy businesses).
So we went last Tuesday to celebrate Chris’s dad’s birthday, which was actually weeks ago but I was poorly so we didn’t celebrate with him. The place was huge and really nicely laid out. They seated people relatively close together so it felt busy but actually it was surprisingly busy anyway for a Tuesday, especially when it only opened relatively recently. On a week night you can get 2 courses for £10 which was great, although if you want the third course you have to pay from the a la carte menu, and we did want it! Prices are higher at the weekend though. the set menu is £20 for 3 courses, no two course option. For starter I went for the rather unusual sausage and mash. The sausages were very tasty, apparently award-winning. It was only a smear of mash but t was creamy and delicious. It was ideal for a starter as it was small, although I had to share a whole 1 of my 3 sausages to panther as there was no children’s menu so she was sharing with us. I hadn’t planned to buy her a meal but would have liked the option, it is unusual nowadays for places not to have a children’s menu.
For main I had chicken. I had chosen a pizza but it wasn’t part of the £10 menu so I quickly chose the chicken I’d been looking at. It was won patatas bravas and chorizo, amongst other stuff. It was very tasty but probably to be fair nicer to read than to eat! It came with veg which were nice but to my mind a bit under seasoned.
For using I had brownie. They get this from strutt’s bakery which is next door and it was truly delicious. We will definitely be going there ASAP to sample some of their other cakes! Everybody else had different food to me but I tried a lot of it and it was all lovely.
We will definitely be going back. I love where we live anyway, but it is great that we have such a nice restaurant within walking distance of home. Sadly we don’t normally have anybody to babysit but when we do get the chance I want to go back. Next time I fancy trying the pizzas though!

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