Cut out biscuits

This is a fab recipe! It comes from nigella’s feast, which is the same book I got the recipe for my custard birthday cake from. The reason it’s such a good one is that the biscuits are soft and biteable, whereas often homemade biscuits are too hard. It is dead quick. I whipped up the dough in 5 mins just now because I want to make a batch with Samantha tomorrow. This is also the biscuit we made for our wedding! We wanted something for people to eat with the reception drinks, because I always start to feel start and its such a long time until you get your meal. We made 10 batches of these between us, and froze them, and then put them out on plates on the day, it was very popular!

90g butter stuff
100g castor sugar (I normally use granulated, but had castor in so used it)
1 large egg (or medium)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (I only use this if I have it)
200g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Cream the butter and sugar
Beat n the egg and vanilla
Add the dry ingredients and combine into a dough. If it seems too sticky add a little more flour but be careful!
Put in the fridge for a least an hour. I’m leaving mine overnight
Roll out and cut into your chosen shapes- should be about 1/2 cm thick
Place on a greased tray (I use spray oil and put baking paper on the tray to make it quicker)
Bake for 8-12 mins, depending on shape and size. Mine tend to be in for longer

These freeze well so you can put them in the freezer and get them out as required. Winner!

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