Custard cookies!!!

Ok, this recipe is going to make your life so much better! I have been asked for the recipe for these loads recently and have been pretty reluctant because sharing it means giving away the fact that these totally delicious biscuits take next to no preparation and only the most basic of ingredients! But it is only right to share it, that is the whole point of the blog, so here we go. This is just about the greatest cookie recipe ever. I made a batch tonight and one for camping at the weekend. I will be making another for this weekend. I always make sure i have custard powder in for this and my birthday ake. Make it, they’re delicious. The original recipe is from good food, it was in the magazine at least a year ago. I have made it by hand when the food processor was broken and this works fine too!

140g butter (we’ve covered the substitute thing to death, right?!)
175g sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I hardly ever include this, custard is vanilla enough, and I rarely have vanilla extract in the cupboards as morrisons seem to have a supply problem with it whenever I try to buy it!)
225g sr flour
85g custard powder
100g chocolate (any type, the recipe suggests white but I almost always use milk)

Put butter and sugar in food processor and cream, ie. blend
Add egg and vanilla and blend more
Add flour and custard and blend until a dough forms
Scrape into a bowl and chop in the chocolate
Roll into small balls and put onto grease proof paper on a tray. Balls should be smaller than a walnut and make 24 in total. I often make less which is not a problem as the biscuits are bigge, but does upset the calorie count!
Bake for 12-15 mins. To be honest mine always take longer

Only 132 calories and 6g fat if you make 25. I aim for 24 though as its easier n the tray. The sizes vary quite a lot for me but it just makes them look authentic! Delicious!

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