Chicken and sweetcorn egg fried rice

We had half a chicken left over. I was going to make grandmother’s sticky fried rice, from my Chinese food made easy book, but that really uses raw chicken so I figured I’d try something new. The results were lovely. This meal was on the table in 25 mins start to finish, including cooking the rice, and was so easy I could supervise and assist panther playing the peppa pig game on the ipad whilst making it. I think this is likely to become a staple for using up the chicken, which I reckon we will now be slow cooking almost every Sunday! The recipe is from the latest edition of good food magazine.

1 tbsp vegetable oil (this is what I had, the recipe specifies sunflower, which is better???)
3 eggs, beaten and seasoned
320g pack of stir fry veg (this was the pack size in morrisons)
1 tbsp mild curry powder (be careful, I used medium and overdid it a bit)
140g frozen sweetcorn
600g cooked rice (ie. 250g raw rice cooked. As previously stated, I use value rice in recipes where a specific type is not required. Also as previously stated, I started cooking this as I started on the recipe)
Leftover roast chicken (we had about half left)
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
2 tbsp ketchup (having made it a bit too hot I secretly added extra ketchup to panther’s. I didn’t want her to think she could always have ketchup added to her food!)

Cook the rice if you need to
Heat the oil and pour in the beaten egg. Thinly coat the pan and then cook as an omelette, just poking a spatula at the sides to keep it from sticking. I managed to flip mine to cook the bottom but it will eventually cook anyway
Tip out your omelette and chop. Scissors are probably quickest!
Heat more oil and fry the stir fry veg, curry powder and sweetcorn with a tiny bit of water
Remove to a bowl
If the rice is cooked, add the last of the oil to the pan and tip in the rice and chicken. Mix well and add the soy, chilli sauce and ketchup, a bit of water if required (mine wasn’t as there was some still in the rice after draining), and some black pepper
Add in the veg and omelette and mix

This feeds 4. We shared it round 3 and a toddler and the men had slightly bigger portions. This does not hurt as 1/4 is only 443 calories and 11g fat! Surprisingly. Given I’d slightly overdone the heat, this went down pretty well with panther, hence it will be joining the permanent collection. Enjoy!

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