Baked apples

I love baked apples. I have made them a few times recently, and they are delicious, easy and low calorie, winner! Today’s version was probably my best ever effort because I’d read on the Internet the suggestion that its a good recipe for Young children, so I altered the recipe slightly and got Samantha, age 2, involved. The results were fab. She managed to take part In three stages of the very quick preparation. She wouldn’t eat the finished product, but I think the main thing is I need to take it out of the oven earlier and let it cool for her, as if the first bite of something puts her off she often gives up. Here is today’s recipe, along with my tips and the bits she did.

Core the apple with an apple corer.
Get child to brush melted butter on the tray and over each apple after you have cored it.
Get child to fill each apple with filling. Today I used blueberries, but this wouldn’t be practical in autumn or winter. I find raisins, which are often suggested, blow up and go hard so berries are better. Have also used marzipan which was quite good too.
Mix up some oats, sugar and cinnamon
Get child to sprinkle this over each apple. The butter you spread on them should make it stick
Bake in oven for 20-30 mins

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