S’mores and other camping treats!

We have just got back from a 4 day camping trip with my cousins! It was a lot of fun, and involved both baking hot sun and massive thunderstorms, which makes for an interesting time. We shared the dinner and supper cooking out between the 4 families. The first night my cousin did tinned hot dogs. Now these are absolutely not the most gourmet or healthy, but they are a totally delicious outdoor dish. We will definitely be adding the, to our camping repertoire, but have also spotted the potential for cooking them outside on days when we would normally have a picnic. All we would need to carry would be the burner, which comes in a carry case anyway, a tin of hot dogs, ideally with a ring pull, the rolls, and the sauce, genius!
Anyway, day 2 saw another cousin cook fajitas, which is a family staple with us already, but she sed chicken proving that you can cook it through on the camping stove no problem. We have always been a little nervous about meat. One problem is we don’t get an electric hook up so we have no way to store the meat, but it isn’t a problem if you just buy what you want for the day.
Day 3 saw our turn, and we had opted for a cooked breakfast, cooked by Chris not me as I am meant to be resting. He has mastered the art of the full English whilst camping, although doing it for 11 people posed new challenges! We use the barbecue, which handily is gas, for bacon, sausage and hash browns (and my cousin suggested that doing the hash browns on foil would make it less messy- we tend to have let them defrost by the time we cook them so they are more bitty than you’d normally expect). We then use the burners for scrambled egg, beans and mushroom. We make toast to order on the barbecue. We keep everything warm in foil until it’s all ready and this time because it took a bit longer we put the barbecue stuff back on in foil.
We then finished with a couple of full group barbecues. Just the basic sausage and burgers. A lot of food was sadly wasted as we were without storage. Also the bowl of meat got left out in the thunderstorm overnight which meant nobody really fancied eating it!
Anyway, back to the title. We had loads of camping treats, but the main new one to me was s’mores, as in the title. I looked this camping treat up and you can find the details here and here my cousin made them by melting a marshmallow on a stick, and then sandwiching the marshmallow and a bit of chocolate between 2 digestives. They were yummy. Here are my general tips:
I don’t think English marshmallows are as big as American ones so in future I might use 2 marshmallows per s’more.
I might try varying the biscuits. Graham crackers I think are a little thinner than digestives, I wonder what else I could use…
We experimented with different ways of doing the chocolate. Using buttons was easiest, but I think a big slab from a bar of dairy milk was tastiest!
The main thing I learned… I always think of toasted marshmallows as a campfire treat. My cousin made these by toasting the marshmallow in the flame of the gas burner. Total genius!

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