Yorkshire pudding

I am trying to convince Chris to start blogging again, but it is not going very well. Right now I am trying to convince him to make dinner, and that is also not going very well. Which is ridiculous as dinner is just smoked mackerel pâté, which I made yesterday and a salad. So all that he needs to do is produce some Melba toast. But anyway, I digress… Being as he hasn’t come back to the blog yet, I will blog the recipe he gave me for Yorkshire pudding. It worked perfectly first time. Yay!
His recipe is a combination of one Tamasin gives in her kitchen bible, and his mum’s recipe (or at least the idea of using more eggs)

112g plain flour
2 medium eggs
300 ml milk

Put flour and salt in bowl and crack eggs into a well in the middle.
Add the milk a bit a a time and whisk for as long as possible, up to about 5 mins
Rest it in fridge for a bit
Heat the fat (lard) in your tin in a very hot oven
When it’s very hot, quickly tip the pudding mix in and put straight back into oven
Do not open the oven door for about 10 mins
Cook for another 30 ish minutes, it’s less critical at this stage though. Oven can go back down to normal and you can open the door if required

The Tamasin recipe was for double the amount, as you may guess from the silly quantities. We only have 3 people and a small tin so we use the amounts given. Really, the amounts given would feed 6 but as everybody always wants seconds you’d want it for no more than 4 I think.
From what I understand, the first few times your pudding probably won’t do that we’ll, and ou sold keep doing it in the same tin. Don’t know why really, but this seems to be what Chris said. So stick at it because t really is worth it!

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