Slow cooker dumplings

125g sr flour
75g butter substitute
Dried herbs of choice
Bit of water

Put flour and butter together and rub in with fingers
Use a bit of water to draw together as a sticky dough
Form into balls and put on top of stew
Cook for about 45 mins at the end of your stew’s cooking time

This recipe comes from good food, it’s a reader recipe, find it here
The dumplings were nice but I would recommend a few changes, although I haven’t tried them yet obviously!

Use more liquid, and next time I would make it milk. Don’t just use the minimum you need to bring it together, use more!
Place on top of your stew for a it longer, next time I will try for at least an hour and a half.
Make smaller balls. They didn’t specify. I made 6 about walnut size but they grew. Next time I’d make about 10

Don’t know if they’ll help or if I need to go back to the drawing board. I want to try suet dumplings which are more delicious but equally more unhealthy, but I’m going to work on these first, especially being as I have to watch my food intake right now as I can’t exercise!

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