Beef stew- further slow cooker adventures

So, we’ve had the slow cooker for 6 months, this is only its second outing… Hoping the slow cooker will not go the way of the ice cream maker (which inexplicably we have never used!) however, it was a great meal. Not remotely seasonal but just what I fancied. Obviously, stews are pretty much do what you like, but I am going to detail what I did below. I also made dumplings which I love, but will put in a separate post. And Yorkshire pudding! This was because my brother has just split with his girlfriend so I wanted to treat him. I rang Chris for the recipe, and it worked really well, but then, I was using the pan he always uses, and his recipe, so it was always going to work! Still, it’s a great one to add to my repertoire because I have time to whip one up on a Wednesday when I get in a bit earlier so stew and Yorkshire could be the way forward… That said, panther refused to eat it so there’s work to be done there… Although her tummy is a bit poorly so might be a one off. Anyway, here goes…

Beef- used both skirt and braising steak as had both in the house
2 beef oxo cubes

A the end I added:
English mustard
Worcestershire sauce
Gravy granules and cornflower to thicken it

I put it all n the slow cooker all day from 10 until we ate at 6.30. Started it on high but this was not necessary. I thickened the sauce by putting it all in a saucepan a the end, as I’d added the cornflower etc but it wasn’t as thick as I wanted. Only took 2 mins to thicken though.

I’m quite excited at the prospect of stews right now. Planning to d a chicken and pesto one next week, so with more summery flavours!

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