Irish potato cake

I fancied a cooked breakfast but with a difference… In general we try to have something a bit more exciting at the weekend. This can prove tricky as I don’t eat cereal at all so my weekday breakfast is always either beans, spaghetti or scrambled egg on toast. Yesterday as a very special treat we went out for breakfast (Samantha was staying at grandma’s house due to the previous night’s accident and emergency visit, but that’s another story…) Anyway, we went to a local chain pub, and had a fry up which was very good, and, mainly, very cheap. So we’d already had one this weekend, I wanted to make this one a bit different. I’d actually planned this about three days ago when I made mashed potato to go with the beef Wellington. I saved back some mash, literally just mash before I added the milk/ butter, in a bowl in this fridge ready for my breakfast adventures. I had spotted a recipe for Irish potato bread in a magazine and having read it was intrigued as to how it would come out with so few ingredients. When I ate it in Ireland I assumed it to be some sort of normal bread. I decided it needed something relatively strong tasting to serve with it, so ovened some bacon, scrambled some eggs, and a the last minute decided to also add a tin of spaghetti so it wasn’t too dry. The result was delicious, and excitingly even panther enjoyed it. I had to make her taste it (my rule nowadays is that she doesn’t necessarily have to eat everything on her plate but she does have to try it) but once she had tried it she ate most of it. Result! It’s an unusual (delicious!) texture so I thought she might not like it but I was definitely wrong. Nice as a side to your fry up, in place of the toast, or I reckon you could make some sort of fancy dish with bacon etc.

225g mashed potato, no additions
55g plain flour

Mix the flour and seasoning into the potato (the recipe suggested using a potato ricer to ensure potato was fully mashed, then putting the flour through a sieve. You may have figured out by ow that I don’t go I for such things. I don’t think the end result suffered at all.)
Press down into a flat round disk, about 1 inch thick
Since into 6 triangles
Fry for about ten mins, turning half way. I fried in rapeseed oil because I’ve just bought it (mine burnt a bit, think it was unavoidable, it didn’t affect the taste at all)
Butter whilst still hot

This recipe comes from Tamasin Day Lewis. It’s in her book, supper for a song, which is definitely nowhere near as good as her kitchen bible, but has a few good ideas in, this definitely being one of them!

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