Processor puff pastry

So, it turned out that the pastry I used for my Wellington was extravagantly good. Main reason for trying it was I’d already spent £60 in the shop and my budget is £40. Bought puff pastry costs around £2 when not on offer, the ingredients for this cost around 75p and we always have them in the house. No contest really. I will only be buying puff pastry from now on if I need it to puff up, say for tarts and vol au vents. This is perfect for everything else and so easy. It is from nigella’s how to be a domestic goddess.

250g strong white bread flour
Pinch of salt
250g cold butter, I used can’t believe
Squeeze of lemon, I used bottled like
5-6 tablespoons iced water, I used tap as I forgot to put some in fridge

Pulse salt and flour in processor, then add butter in pieces and pulse 3-4 times. Pieces of butter should sill be visible
Put in a large bowl And add the lemon juice and enough iced water to bind it
Rest it in fridge for 30 mins
Dust a surface with flour. I used kitchen foil as it is easier to clear up, and found a lot of flour was needed.
Roll out into a long rectangle and fold in 3
Turn and fold again in 3 and repeat about 3 more times. I had to flatten it a little eAch time to keep folding it
Rest it in fridge for 30 mins

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