Strawberry and almond crumble

Strawberries don’t really need cooking, but I really fancied trying out this recipe from nigella’s kitchen. She suggests making it with rubbish strawberries from the supermarket to improve their flavour, but I used some from the pick your own place, as it was cheaper so more realistic. This was absolutely delicious, we loved it! Makes a delicious treat (strawberries) much less healthy, but definitely worth making from time to time!

500g strawberries (ish)
50g sugar
25g ground almonds (I used lots more as I omitted the flaked almonds from the topping)
4 teaspoons vanilla extract (didn’t have this but as it seemed a lot of liquid to miss out I used some old almond extract from the cupboard- very nice but probably nicer with vanilla)

110g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
75g cold butter
100g flaked almonds (left these out, and sprinkled oats and extra sugar on top- wanted Samantha to be able to try it although she never had chance anyway!)
75g sugar

Take stalks off strawberries and chop if massive!
Put them in a bowl (I used a quite large Pyrex), sprinkle sugar, almonds and extract on them
Put flour, baking powder and butter in mixer and pulse (or rub in by hand). I had the mixer too high for too long so mine turned into a dough 😦
Stir sugar and almonds in with a fork
Sprinkle this over the strawberries and cook at 200 for 30 mins
I served it with fromage frais, but cream/ custard would be nice too

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