Oatmeal and cranberry crunch biscuits

It makes me feel good to give Samantha a healthy (ish) homemade snack. On the plus side, it introduces her to new flavours, textures, and keeps her away from additives. On the minus side, for me who still has to watch my weight, it is likely to be more calorific than the endless supply of pre-packaged, ready-made snacks I keep in the snack box. In fact, I think I’ll digress slightly to give you a quick rundown of the current contents of said snack box:

chocolate brioche- my chosen morning snack today


Mini rice crispie squares (slightly smaller and thus 100 calories, bonus!)
Mrs crimble’s apple rice cakes (sold in the free from aisle, apparently delicious and a more appropriate size for a toddler than the organic ones where she can wolf down a whole bag at a time!)
French fries (84 calories, this an acceptable snack although normally we eat these with lunch)
Walkers baked crisps
Yoghurt coated black currant bits (I love these)
Matzo crackers (to eat with Philadelphia, as a meal or snack)
Banana crisps (bought from pound shop, just something different I thought she could try)
Bn smiley face biscuits (from France, sadly we don’t have these often, as I don’t get to go to France often anymore!)
Petit ecolier biscuits (my absolute favourite and, as above, a rarity!)
1 half eaten bag of hula hoops with a peg on (often the case, as I like to only give panther half a bag at a time)
Organix children’s cereal bars (bought on offer at mothercare, these are so handy as can substitute breakfast as well as being a snack, and they are way nicer than the adult equivalent. But I have to get loads of packs when I see them on offer because they cost too much!)
Go ahead bars (the little packs of 3, tend to eat these as a snack at work as I seem to need something more substantial then!)

Anyway, as you can see, ensuring we have enough suitable, 100 calorie-ish snacks in the house is very important, but I definitely still prefer to provide fresh homemade stuff.

Samantha has tried a couple of these and liked them. Her friend loved them. They are slightly too wholemeal for me so next time I plan to make them with only plain flour (ie. substitute the wholemeal). I reckon they could stand some altering of ingredients because they seem to be more of a cereal bar than a biscuit so you could probably get away with a few changes. Anyway, enjoy!

100g wholemeal flour
100g plain flour
75g oatmeal (never bought this before but it’s in the baking aisle and has loads of uses)
75g bran (as above. Apparently only lasts about 2 months so will have to find a fair few uses for it!)
125g muscovado sugar (will probably try castor next time to make them a bit sweeter as it would mix better)
Ground ginger
100g butter
150ml cold water
100g dried cranberries (I used 75g as that’s how much you get in the bags sold in morrisons)

Oven to 180
Mix dry ingredients, excluding cranberries
Rub in the butter so it looks like breadcrumbs
Add the water and cranberries and mix into a dough
Roll small bits into a ball then flatten and it onto a baking tray (a departure from the original recipe which suggests you roll out and cut, I prefer it more rustic and also my mixture did not look like it would roll out!) should make quite a few, recipe said 48, I got around 30.
Bake for 20-25 mins (I was on the phone, forgot them, and left half of them for 45 mins, it didn’t seem to make any difference!

The original recipe is from tana Ramsay’s family kitchen, which I am really enjoying right now!

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