Ok, so although in general I cook the easy, everyday stuff, I do enjoy the occasional challenge… this one was definitely a project bake! Made my brother bake with me whilst samantha was asleep this afternoon and tried out battenburg. It did not really work out, but I’m pretty sure I know how I need to tweak it to make it work s planning another go on Friday!

100g apricot jam (didn’t want to have this left over as I don’t like it s used the end of a jar of marmalade instead- no idea how much, just what was left!)
150g butter (substitute- clover this time)
150g plain flour
1 heaped tsp baking powder (used sr flour in place of these 2 things as have run out of baking powder, as has morissons!)
Salt (still don’t know what this is for!)
3 medium eggs
Some pink and yellow food colouring (see below!)
250g marzipan (guessed!)
Icing sugar to roll out marzipan

Line tins and heat oven (180)
Cream butter and sugar
Add eggs, beating after each
Add everything else and stir
Split in 2 and add add some food colouring to each half (1 yellow, 1 pink)
Put into tins and bake for 20-25 mins- mine took longer
Test by pressing the top to see if it’s springy or stick in a skewer/knife
Allow to cool
Get each cake out and cut in half longways
Melt the jam a bit in a saucepan
Use the jam to stick the sponges together so it lookalike a battenburg
Roll out the marzipan so it will go round the cake
Stick on using the rest of the jam

Use quite a bit of food colouring- that was where mine went wrong, use loads!
Roll the marzipan direct from the block. The Lorraine pascale recipe I followed said to soften it first but this meant it wasn’t the right shape to easily roll into a rectangle, which was the second of my problems

The cake is lovely, but definitely needs work to make it look how it sold!!! Will let you know how I get n next time!

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