Pork and cider- slow cooker adventures!

This was the slow cooker’s first outing, we wanted to try it out when we would be in all day to make sure it worked safely, and being as the chicken pox situation had cancelled all our plans, today seemed a good day.
I got the recipe for this from my cousin, zo, although we ended up adding a couple of twists after canvassing opinion on Facebook!

Pork ( we used 3 loin steaks because they were on an offer that made them cheaper than chops!)
Can/ bottle cider
Stock cube
Mushrooms (doesn’t matter what veg you use, that’s just what we had!

Put in slow cooker and cook for a bit!
A the end we put it in a pan with some cornflower and creme fraiche to try to thicken up the sauce a bit
We ate it with part baked bread

Next I’m going to try cooking a whole chicken and then I want to try steamed puddings!

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