Fairy cakes

I have done so many new recipes this week, there’s loads to catch up on. Today Samantha and I made butterfly cakes… Well actually she was only involved in the icing stage and it was a little difficult for her to cut the holes out! I used a very unusual cupcake recipe but they came out really nice! Angie, who gave me the recipe, says it’s quite forgiving so I will be trying out some varieties- she had done apple and raisin ones. Amount wise this is a little awkward as it makes about 18 cupcakes, so if like me you only have one cupcake tin (well actually I haven’t got one at all so I had to use a muffin tin and muffin cases) u might want to alter the amounts. I’ve frozen half of my cakes to ice Another time. Angie told me she had once frozen them completely iced and with jelly sweets on and they were still nice (this is true, I had one and didn’t know it had been frozen) but I’ve just frozen the cake but. Anyway, the recipe…

225g castor sugar
225g sr flour
225g butter (utterly!)
4 eggs (told you it was strange!)
Vanilla essence (didn’t have any in today)
Tsp baking powder

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix with electric whisk for about 2 mins until smooth.
Put into cake cases and cook for 20 mins

Ps. I have since found that if I halve this recipe I can make 12 slightly smaller cakes, which works much better for me!)

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