Bean chilli and wedges

Here is a meal that really is in the permanent collection! It is one of our absolute favourites, and one I frequently do when we get in late. Can serve it with rice but it’s perfect in a little bowl with some wedges on a plate! We eat quite a lot of veggie but I don’t think most people would miss the meat in this because it’s so spicy.


cajun spice (this is a real godsend as you can basically use it to lazily flavour any Mexican dish rather than getting the proper spices- which we do actually have but I’m too lazy to bother with a lot of the time- I use cajun in wraps and meat chilli as well as this dish!)

2 x tins of mixed beans (I use the ones in tomato sauce as they’re cheapest in Morrissons, don’t know why!)

1 x tin of tomatoes (with only one tin this is nice and thick- have used 2 tins before to eke it out or to make it more saucy to serve with rice)

2 x peppers (could use more/ less!)

other veg if wanted (whatever’s going off in fridge/ extras to make up 5 a day- to be honest I prefer it with no extra veg but it can be good for veg count- although this is 3 portions already)

1 baking potato per person (or more, depending who your people are)

chives (we grew these in garden last year, but easier with dried)

creme fraiche


Cut each potato into 8 wedges. Mix with oil or spray with spray oil depending how much fat you want (nowadays, we spray) If you do it in a bowl you get better coverage but you have to wash up a bowl… so I normally just spray them on the baking tray) Sprinkle on some chives and put in oven. Should take 30-40 minutes but with older potatoes/ less fat may take longer

Put everything else in a big pan and bring to boil then simmer until the sauce thickens up- about 30 mins. I normally go a bit mad with the cajun- it is quite spicy so be careful! You could fry the peppers first if you want them softer

Serve a bowl of chilli with creme fraiche on top and wedges on the side of the plate. Delicious!

This makes 4 portions of chilli, but you’ll be tempted to eat more! Calorie-wise I think it’s around 450 so not bad at all! Oddly, even when it’s ridiculously hot, Samantha, aged nearly 2, yomps it down, so I guess it’s child-friendly! Enjoy, this is the easiest and most delicious meal ever!

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