Banana muffins

This is another of my permanent collection recipes, and in fact another Nigella one. I cook from Nigella’s cookbooks quite a lot. She’s the only celebrity chef I actually cook from in real life, although i enjoy watching all their programmes for inspiration. Interestingly, I’m not that fond of Nigella on the TV, it’s all a bit fake for my liking, with too much flirting with the old man viewer!

Anyway, these banana muffins are delicious, and as far as I know, actually cannot fail no matter what you put in them! They freeze really well so I often make a batch and freeze half. I’ve figured them out to be about 230 calories each.


3 very ripes bananas (have used 2-4 before of various sizes)

125ml vegetable oil (used melted utterly butterly last time as didn’t have veg oil. This is tricky as you have to guess how much will make about 125ml but it worked fine)

2 eggs (have replaced these with a couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt before, when I started making them then realised I didn’t have eggs. Again, it worked fine… but probably don’t substitute the lot in one go)

250g plain flour

100g sugar

1/2 teaspoon bicarb (I just guess this, but sometimes when I put too much they taste a bit funny so i should probably measure it!)

1 teaspoon baking powder (guessing this does not lead to the above problem so i always guess this!)

100g chocolate (Nigella suggests using 150g butterscotch but Morrissons doesn’t sell this so i use 1 bar of their cheapo chocolate (30p) and it’s always nice. Used to always use white, as she suggests for the substitute, but it turns out we like milk/ dark better)


Heat oven to 200 and line a muffin tin with muffin cases (these are essential as it’s a right faff greasing them and then getting the muffins out- although recently I’ve found that spray oil can grease stuff quickly, or a pastry brush and some oil)

Mash bananaa a bit

Mix dry ingredients

Mix wet ingredients

Pour wet into dry and mix a bit (the key to muffins is not to mix to much- ideal!)

Add bananas and chocolate and mix until just mixed

Spoon into cases and bake for about 20 mins until they feel done when you touch them. This takes longer for me because I hardly ever remember to preheat the oven!


This is the best recipe ever, and when you’ve done it a couple of times you can get it down to just over 5 mins preparation and from memory! It’s so quick and easy I nipped down and made a batch on Christmas morning before we got up!!! I have tried them with wholemeal flour, oats and raisins, but they’re so nice already it hardly seems worth playing with them!


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One thought on “Banana muffins

  1. Zo x

    Making these for the 100th time! Love love love them xxx

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