Curried squash, lentil and Coconut soup

I’ve done a good job on my Tuesday mega-cooking tonight! Tuesday is mine and Panther’s shopping night, so we buy loads of delicious food and then when she’s gone to bed I cook loads of delicious stuff with it! Tonight I made minced beef and Yorkshires (frozen I’m afraid- I know it’s stupid but I don’t know how to make Yorkshires still- well I could easily make them to be fair, but Chris does it so I never end up doing it!), curried squash, lentil and coconut soup, cheese and chutney scones, and apple and oat muffins. I’m proud of myself.

So, the soup… I’ve only tried a tiny bit because this is for tomorrow’s lunch. It was tasty. A little in need of seasoning but I used low-salt OXO cubes for the first time and don’t season stuff now until it’s on the plate, to avoid giving Panther too much salt. It was easy to make, especially because I used one of Morrison’s pre-prepared packs of butternut squash which cuts down a lot on the prep. Good for you too. 6 servings- 178 cals, 7g fat and 9g sugar. Plus 2 portions of veg. (I sound like I know what I’m on about here, but most of you will have spotted that in fact it’s just straight from Good Food magazine!)



olive oil (I used veg oil)

1 butternut squash (approx, I used 2 small pre-packed packets)- diced

200g carrots- diced

1 tbsp curry powder (didn’t have this so used rogan josh paste. The magazine said to use powder that included turmeric so I added some of this separately)

100g red lentils

700ml veg stock

1 can reduced-fat coconut milk (I used a carton of coconut cream because it’s half the price. Unfortunately this probably increased the fat!)



  1. Heat oil and fry squash and carrots for 1 min
  2. Add curry powder and fry for 1 more min
  3. Add lentils, stock and coconut milk. Stir
  4. Turn down and simmer for 15-18 mins until tender
  5. Blitz with hand blender
  6. Eat with bread/ naan/ coriander (although beware if you have naan, it’ll probably triple the calories!)

I’ll comment to let you know if it really is nice!


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